How Much Does It Costs

How much does it cost?

We are a charity dedicated to the treatment of children and pre- and post-natal mothers, regardless of their ability to pay. It costs us £90 to provide a one-hour new patient assessment, treatment and evaluation, and £45 for a 30 minute follow-up appointment. We receive no funding from local or national government, relying totally on donations from the family and friends of those we care for, in addition to organisations that support our work and the children we treat.

We work hard to subsidise our costs with fundraising, but we ask all our patients to make a donation, however small, to ensure we are able to keep our doors open. We never turn away a family requiring treatment who cannot afford to make a donation and, therefore, appeal to those who can afford to pay more, to help support those families experiencing hardship.

What treatments cost

It costs the charity £90 to deliver a new patient appointment (one hour) and £45 for a follow-up appointment (30 minutes). This is a fraction of what it would cost for this level of specialist expertise in private practice.

We never turn away families who cannot afford to make a donation and, therefore, rely on the generosity of those who can to help keep our doors open.

We will never turn away a family requiring treatment

It’s better that your child (or you) get treatment. You are welcome to come to your appointment and donate as much as you can afford, even if that means nothing at all.

You may find that setting up  direct debit  to donate a manageable amount of money to the charity each month works better for you. Even small amounts like £4 a month would help us a great deal. Alternatively you could fundraise to help cover the costs of your treatment.

We would be delighted to talk through how you could support us with fundraising, either for your own treatment or for others.