The setting

The Setting

“The treatment of children is a specialist field that demands excellence in provision of care. If you wish to take the field of paediatrics seriously then you require rigorous paediatric education” Roger Whalley, M.Ost, DPO, PgC ACE

Clinic-based learning

As paediatric osteopathy is a practical subject, all your effective learning takes place in and around our lively charity clinic with each team seeing up to 80 patients per day, offering treatment to families regardless of their ability to donate. Consultation and treatment take place in a friendly, open-plan setting. Learning, too, is shared and collective. Ours is an innovative model which has been copied in postgraduate teaching across Europe.

Patient lists

Each osteopath manages an ongoing patient lists – as an authentic autonomous practitioner, you see your own patients, you monitor and learn from your own patients’ progress. Other osteopaths and tutors may assist in treatment and share the encounter but each patient has one osteopath who follows their care.


Our clinical faculty are all practising paediatric osteopaths with diverse osteopathic backgrounds and extensive expertise. They embody a range of technical approaches, styles and philosophies, so your learning experience is comprehensive and open to all osteopathic principles and practice.

International standing

Our faculty is in much demand as guest lecturers on courses and conferences across the world; in recent years Antwerp, Ghent, Vienna, San Marino and Poznan, among others.

The OCC has strong links with the Fondazione di Osteopatia Pediatrica in San Marino and the Osteopathisches Zentrum für Kinder in Vienna.

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For more than 27 years now I have had the great good fortune to share my vision for osteopathy with many extraordinarily gifted colleagues through working in the Osteopathic Centre for Children clinics. Nothing, in my experience, can compare with the insights gained in sharing the joys, tragedies, treatment successes and exposure to unusual and severe conditions that happen in the open clinic setting on a daily basis

Stuart Korth, co-founder and Director of Osteopathy