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FAQs - postgraduate training

How do I get on the DPO course?

The DPO is open to osteopaths who are qualified, registered with GOsC and insured to work in the UK.

For more info please see the DPO and Course requirements pages in this section.

How do I get on the APO course?

The APO is open to osteopaths who are qualified, registered with GOsC and insured to work in the UK.

For more info please see the APO and Course requirements pages in this section.

What’s the difference between the courses?

The DPO is our classic, advanced, 2-year postgraduate paediatric course incorporating both a clinic-based practise and in-depth academic learning in seminar weekends and written, oral and clinical assessments. It is widely recognised as the ‘gold standard’ in paediatric training.

The APO is our new 1-year postgraduate paediatric course, offering learning through clinical experience, supported by an initial clinic-based programme, ongoing clinical discussions and feedback, and a final clinical assessment.

Do I need to do a cranial course first?

No. We provide a 5-day Access Courses for recently qualified osteopaths to develop specific and relevant technical skills that will enable them to begin the DPO course. The APO includes this learning.

How academic are your courses?

Both our postgraduate programmes are designed for the needs of the practicing osteopath.

The APO places its emphasis squarely on the practical side, offering experiential learning supported by tutors and experts, to enable osteopaths to demonstrate their competency in treating children.

The DPO includes more seminars, tutorials and assessments, as well as well-researched and critical case reports and short reflective pieces based on your personal experience of the clinic, to develop osteopaths as true professionals in the management of children.

What techniques do I need to use?

Any osteopathic techniques which are safe and effective. There is no one style of osteopathy, and a broad and embracing technical approach is encouraged and taught.

Can I do the course in one year?

The APO is a one-year course

The DPO is a two-year course and it is not possible to compress the programme. We do offer a Flexible Route for osteopaths for whom the standard programme is inaccessible – we strongly encourage you to discuss this option with us.

What sort of time should I allow for study?

We expect the DPO written work and academic study to take around one day per week, in addition to the day you will be in clinic.

The APO has less of an academic workload, nevertheless we expect our APO osteopaths to demonstrate their commitment to ongoing reflection and learning throughout their course

Is the course externally validated?

We ensure high standards of achievement in the APO through moderation from the wider Faculty experts.

We seek external scrutiny and advice from two external examiners for the DPO, who are experienced and recognised as experts in academia and the profession.