Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy

Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy (DPO)

The original and best… our classic two-year training programme for postgraduate osteopaths wishing to acquire an excellent academic and practical grounding for managing their paediatric practice. Our comprehensive two-year course is the only one of its kind providing a minimum of 90 days of hands-on paediatric experience under the close supervision of our faculty experts.

We design all our training programmes around hands-on time in our clinic. For this course you will be in clinic for 90 days, managing a personal patient list to learn through clinical experience. Your learning will be practical; tutored and supervised by experienced paediatric osteopaths, and underpinned by a series of tutorials and intensive seminar weekends, individual study and ongoing assessment as well as facilitated clinical discussions and feedback, focused on the patients you will be treating.

The DPO is ideal for osteopaths looking for accreditation of in-depth paediatric competence. Before starting the course, students need to have attained hands on skills beyond the level of their undergraduate training. We provide an Access Course to help prepare less experienced osteopaths with the knowledge and skills required for working in our clinics from the beginning of the DPO.

If you’re interested in the DPO but distance is a challenge, please contact us to discuss the Flexible Route.


  • Undergraduate Degree in Osteopathy
  • OCC Access Course, SCTF-accredited course, or equivalent practical experience

Programme (over 2 years):

90 days in clinic caring for a range of paediatric patients, working alongside skilled and experienced specialists

Regular tutorials including facilitated discussions and feedback focussed on your clinical cases

8 seminar weekends which will take you right through from common presentations to the management of complex conditions, to enable you to more confidently diagnose and effectively treat babies and children of all ages:

  • clinical presentations throughout childhood
  • applied anatomy and physiology
  • the clinical application of osteopathic principles
  • communication, consent and safeguarding

A minimum of 6 observation sessions in Barnet Hospital’s Starlight neonatal intensive care unit


  • Ongoing clinical observation and feedback
  • Case report marking and feedback
  • Written examination
  • Viva examination

Your final Award will certify that you have demonstrated a level of expertise in managing a diverse range of paediatric patients, through a practical and academic learning pathway.


£4200 per year

How to apply

To apply for the November 2019 DPO intake, first please ensure you meet the course requirements, and have two suitable referees willing to write you a reference (please click here for the reference form).

Click here for the 2019 application form (don’t forget to indicate which courses you’re applying for!)

The closing date for applications is 30 June 2019