Award in Paediatric Osteopathy

Award in Paediatric Osteopathy

Applications are now open for the Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy Award course 2020

This one year programme is for postgraduate osteopaths wishing to acquire the essential skills and knowledge for safely managing paediatric patients.

At the OCC all our training programmes are clinic-based. This course is no exception: you will be in clinic for 45 days, managing a personal patient list to learn through clinical experience. Your learning will be practical; tutored and supervised by experienced paediatric osteopaths, and supported by facilitated clinical discussions and feedback, focussed on the patients you will be treating.

The APO is ideal for osteopaths looking for accreditation of competency in treating children, and is suitable for recent graduates and those with experience looking to expand their practice.

The APO can be an alternative or precursor to the internationally renowned two-year Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy (DPO) which continues to offer advanced clinical and academic postgraduate training.


Undergraduate Degree in Osteopathy


  • Initial clinic-based programme to prepare you for your clinical learning. Using lectures, group and practical work and resource materials, your five in-clinic preparatory sessions will cover: Palpation Skills, Labour and Birth, Differential Diagnosis, Red Flags, Safeguarding and Consent. You will accompany OCC osteopaths in clinic during this time
  • On successful completion of initial preparatory programme, APO osteopaths will progress to the rest of the programme including managing a personal list
  • 45 days in clinic caring for a range of paediatric patients, working alongside skilled and experienced specialists
  • Regular tutorials including facilitated discussions and feedback focussed on your clinical cases


  • Ongoing observation and feedback
  • Final Clinical Assessment – session observed in clinic by teaching team and an OCC moderator.

Your final Award will certify that you have demonstrated a level of competency in safely managing a diverse range of paediatric patients, through a practical and experiential learning pathway.



How to apply

To apply for the November 2020 APO intake, please first make sure you meet the course requirements and have two referees willing to provide a reference (please use this reference form)

Please click here for the application form (not forgetting to tick which course you’re applying for!)

Deadline for the APO 2020 Applications are on: 23rd July 2020 – please email your application to