Access course

Access Course for the DPO

OCC osteopaths studying for the DPO need to have acquired hands-on skills beyond their undergraduate training. Our Access Course provides tailored training to increase palpation and paediatric/developmental anatomy, to prepare less experienced osteopaths for further paediatric training.

We collaborate with the Rollin E Becker Institute to deliver this 5-day course, which enables new graduates to reach the required standard for entry onto the DPO courses, and does not limit our osteopaths to any one technical style.

There is no need to have completed a SCTF-approved ‘cranial course’ before applying for the DPO.

Not all DPO applicants will need to complete the Access Course as prior experience and other postgraduate training may be considered equivalent. The APO course will cover this initial training.

How to apply

When applying for the DPO course you will be asked to indicate whether you will attend the Access Course or wish to have your prior experience or training taken into account.

We will discuss suitability of each applicant’s experience during the first interview and applicants will be invited to complete the Access Course or exemption will be confirmed.


Dates will be confirmed in the New Year

Cost: TBC