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Twin brothers visiting the OCC since 2015…

I have been bringing my twin boys to the OCC in South London ever since they were a few weeks old following their birth in 2015.  Recommended by a friend and initially within walking distance of home, so I thought I would come and see if anything could be done.  From the moment I walked through the door juggling everything that goes with having new born twins I was made to feel so welcome, the twins were seen and treated by separate therapists on the same table and one day when I came in suffering terribly, I was immediately treated despite having booked in just for the twins to be seen.

I continued to bring the twins to the clinic and each time the difference was immediate.

One of the twins developed severe long-term discomfort and together with seeing a doctor and then in turn a paediatric specialist, I returned to the OCC.  Together with seeing the Osteopath who treats him locally to where we live, what is so special and unique about the OCC is the ability to consult senior professionals in their field, who also take part in the treatment.  Everyone is so helpful and understanding and to have the extra voice is a great help.  My eldest twin has improved greatly as a result of the treatment.

It’s not to say that the problem will never return, there is a chance as he grows up and develops it will return but I know if that happens that I can return to the OCC to make the adjustments necessary and to keep the problem at bay.

I tell all my friends with children about the OCC and will continue to do so as it offers such a wonderful service for not just children but also the parents of children.  It’s non-evasive, gentle but very effective, thank you for all that you have done!

Gigi Salmon (mum of now 5-year-old twin boys)