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The osteopaths talk to the child properly…

When Hakimah was being bullied at school, feeling tight in her chest, stressed out and upset, her mum Henna brought her to OCC where the osteopath talked to her about what was happening. “She’d been getting so stressed out and upset she’d started to rely on her blue pump. The osteopaths talk to the child properly. They make the child feel important, and like everything matters to them. Hakimah feels comfortable enough to talk to them about everything”. The osteopath treated Hakimah for stress, tension and tightness in the chest. “It  improved – the osteopath’s support and treatment helped her”.

“We love OCC – it has helped us and I can’t recommend it enough. Treatment here means my children aren’t taking lots of days off school sick, it doesn’t disrupt them. In fact they’re not often aware of the treatment, but afterwards they are chirpier, clearer and more perky. The team here is lovely – even my husband loves coming here”