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The pain of poor posture

Sandra brought her 12 year old daughter, Becky, to the OCC as she was experiencing debilitating pains in her lower back and legs. As a result, Becky had to stop playing sport and began to feel quite down as a result. The GP had been unable to diagnose the cause, and it was only by chance that Sandra discovered the OCC.

On Becky’s initial visit, the osteopath identified muscular tensions in her back, legs and shoulders which were affecting her posture and therefore causing pain. The osteopath worked to release those tensions and prescribed exercises for her to do at home. After a further four treatments and continued commitment to her exercises, Becky found she was no longer in pain and could return to her beloved sport.

‘Becky feels so much better now and she’s incredibly happy to get back to playing netball again. We really didn’t know what to expect from paediatric osteopathy but have been astounded by the results. It’s joyous to see her enjoying sport again.’