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My baby wouldn’t feed for long

Kyla told us she was overwhelmed with joy and happiness when her first baby, Eva, was born, but this soon turned to stress and worry when she just didn’t seem to get comfortable when she was feeding.

‘I was lucky enough to be really well supported by my mid-wife, and regularly met with a breastfeeding support group, but my 4 week old baby still wouldn’t feed for long as she didn’t seem to be able to relax into the position. This meant she wasn’t getting enough milk and as a result, she didn’t put on weight and her sleep was poor. It was awful to see her so distressed – I just wanted to feed my baby. I was exhausted – emotionally and physically – but didn’t really know what to do.

One of the other mums at the breastfeeding support group suggested I take Eva to the Osteopathic Centre for Children (OCC). I’d never heard of paediatric osteopathy before, but I was open to anything that might help. I ended up bringing Eva to the clinic when she was 4 – 5 weeks old, and didn’t honestly know what to expect.

The osteopath took plenty of time to find out about our issues, and was so gentle and in-tune with Eva. During the treatment, it didn’t look like much was happening, but there was an immediate response – she became much more relaxed and calm.

After a couple of weeks of bringing Eva weekly, she was finally able to relax in the feeding position. What joy! She started to put on weight, she slept well and generally seemed a happier and more relaxed baby. And it wasn’t just Eva that was feeling happier, it’s had a huge impact on the whole family. Thanks to the OCC, we’ve gone from feeding being an awful and painful experience for me, to a beautiful, calm bonding time. We’re all so much more relaxed and happy.

I’d recommend the OCC to anyone who has any concerns about their baby or child, however old they are. The time and care you’re given is so reassuring – you’re really made to feel that your worries are valid, and that they’re there to help. And it’s great they operate on a donate-what-you-can basis – this may not have been an option for us if we’d had to pay full private practice costs.