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Helping the entire family

Actor Alex Carter, and his wife Allie, were recommended the OCC by their midwife when their new born, Albie, was showing a preference for one side when he was feeding.

‘We thought his neck was really strong, but when we came to the OCC we realised his neck was very tight. I knew about osteopathy, but I wouldn’t have thought about it for Albie if the midwife hadn’t suggested it,’ commented mum.

‘It was a combination of coming to the OCC to help him relax, and having his tongue-tie fixed by the NHS, that really helped. I felt so much more confident and I was in less pain myself which was so good.’

Dad told us, ‘To come to the OCC and have it make such a difference was not only really helpful for Albie, but for us as parents too – it was a massive lift psychologically.’